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100 Interview Tips

by shedboy71

1. Do your research
It is best that you know certain things about the company you are applying a job for. Researching about the company can also help you answer possible questions, since it would help you learn more about the nature of their business. Aside from that, if they ask you questions regarding their company and you are able to answer them properly, then it shows them that you are indeed interested in working for them.

2. If this is not your first time to get interviewed, review your previous ones
Whether you were successful in all your past interviews or not, it is best that you review them for your upcoming one. This is because you can learn valuable lessons from them. Aside from that, if you committed certain mistakes in your past interviews, then you can make sure not to make such mistakes again.

3. Review the qualifications required by the company you are applying for
When you are scheduled for a job interview, you need to check back on the qualifications that the company is looking for. This way, you would be able to compare it with your present experiences and your skills. On top of that, it would also help you focus more on your particular skills that would help you qualify more for the job you want.

4. Get a haircut
Getting a haircut would make anyone look smart, fresh, and presentable. However, it is best that you do it about 2 or 3 days in advance. This is to make sure that you no longer carry the smell of the salon. Additionally, even if you do look more presentable with it, you may need a couple of days to get adjusted to it, which is very important when it comes to being confident during the interview.

5. Make sure to arrive early at the office where you are going to be interviewed
It is always better to arrive early at the place you would be interviewed. This is to show your prospective employers that you are really interested with the job. Aside from that, it also shows them that you have good time management skills. If you are currently working, try to apply for a leave of absence to ensure that you have enough time to prepare and get to the venue.

6. Do your usual morning routine early
By taking your breakfast early or doing your usual routine earlier than usual, you would be providing yourself with extra time in preparing for the interview. It is best that you are not rushing to get to the interview. With that, you are able to ensure that you are calm and collected when you get to the venue.

7. Eat well but don’t overdo it
It is best that you eat well the day before your big job interview. This is to ensure that you will be supplying your body with the nutrients that it needs, so as to prevent any kind of stress. However, keep in mind not to overdo it, since overeating might disturb your system.

8. Go to bed as early as possible
Sleeping as early as possible would provide you enough rest for the upcoming interview. Make sure as well that you brush your teeth and wash your face prior to sleeping. By doing this, you can ensure that you would be able to sleep well and have enough energy for the next day.

9. Set up your alarm
To make sure that you wake up early for your job interview, it is best that you set up your alarm for it. Just make sure that you set it to wake you up twice, with a few minutes interval. With that you would be making sure that you would be able to start your day early, since the second alarm would definitely wake you up, if you happen to turn off the first one.

10. Take a shower
Taking a shower would ensure that you will feel refreshed for the interview. It would also help in making you look as presentable as possible. In addition, it would help in waking up every part of your body, in order to perform at your best for your job interview. 11. Eat a healthy breakfast
Job interviews, especially if it would take some time, can become draining. Thus, you need to have lots of energy to sustain yourself in answering all the questions that would be thrown at you. With a healthy breakfast, you can ensure that you would have enough energy to think of the best answers, even for the toughest questions.

12. Avoid problem foods
There are certain foods that may get your stomach upset. Some people are not used to eating lots of dairy foods, while others cannot tolerate foods that are spicy. Whatever the case may be, make sure to avoid foods that can upset your stomach, since it would just add more to your concerns.

13. Brush your teeth
Brushing your teeth would not just make it stronger or tougher. It would also ensure that you would be comfortable in talking in front of your interviewers. The last thing that you want to happen during the interview is to see strange reactions from your interviewers every time you talk. Thus, it is best to brush your teeth, so that your breath won’t smell bad.

14. Iron your clothes
One of the best things to do to become more presentable is to iron your clothes. Make sure to do this a day before your interview, so that you won’t be rushing things on the big day. Just iron them and hang them inside your closet, so that they would look the same the next day.

15. Don’t use sunglasses
Although using sunglasses can help you drive in a sunny day, it may not be a good idea to use one when you are on your way for a job interview. This is because, it can leave marks around your eyes. Aside from that, you may accidentally bring it with you inside the venue, which will just become another thing that you need to watch over for.

16. Don’t forget to make use of a breath freshener
Although brushing your teeth may already get things done as far as your fresh breath is concerned, it may still be best to use a breath freshener. This is because, you could go through a series of interviews, which can take half a day. With a breath freshener that lasts long, you would become more confident with it.

17. Don’t overdo your cologne or perfume
Part of being presentable is to smell good. However, you should make sure that you won’t overdo making use of your favorite perfume or cologne. This is because some brands may be too strong for certain persons. Aside from that, it may even trigger an allergic reaction to one of your interviewers.

18. Be in business attire
It is best that you do your research about the usual dress code of the company you are applying a work for. However, if you are unsure, it is best that you wear your best business attire. This is to ensure that you would be able to make a good impression, by looking as professional as possible.

19. Polish your shoes
You need to keep in mind that there may be certain types of interviewers who may look at you from head to foot, when you enter the office for the interview. Some do it as a technique to intimidate you, while others simply do it to check how you dress up. Thus, it is best to polish your shoes, so that the moment you enter the office, they would already be impressed by its cleanliness.

20. Plan your route
When you are on your way to the place for the interview, you don’t want to get stuck in traffic and become late for it. Thus, it is best that you plan your route to the place, so that you can avoid any kind of traffic disturbances. You can do your research about this through the internet, or you can also go there a day or two before the interview, just to check on the best roads to take.

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