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101 Quick Tips to Help Boost Your Motivation

by shedboy71

Have a positive thinking.
Of course, it is easier said than done. But it can be practiced. If you always look at things in a positive way even when everything seems awry, you will always stay composed. Also, the connection between mind and body is very strong. If you are always thinking positively, it is amazing how things usually just start to fall where they should be.

Know that negative thoughts are normal.
Negative thoughts are scary because they are an indication that something is very wrong. But once you learn to accept that it is only normal to feel that way, you will soon get used to it and begin to feel better. For example, it might scare you that your boss is always shouting. But once you convince yourself that shouting is his normal voice and tone, it will no longer scare you.

Find the right inspiration.
There is nothing wrong with doing things for other people. You might want to do it for your parents, siblings, friends, or that special someone in your life. Having these things will keep you motivated and focused. When you are feeling down, just think of how they want you to succeed and what your success will mean to them. It will get your mood back.

Be your own inspiration.
The danger with having an inspiration is the possibility of falling over once the source of inspiration is gone. For example, if you are persevering with a goal because of a special someone, a breakup can make you lose your commitment to keep doing better. This is why it is important that you make yourself one of your inspirations. No matter what, your self will always be there even when everyone else is not.

Set a final goal.
Have one clear goal in mind. Maybe you are doing things to have a bigger house, a better job, a higher salary, and other things. In any case, if you keep your eyes focused on one final goal, you will have more energy and enthusiasm to crush down whatever comes between you and your dream.

Segment your goal.
Keeping your eye on one final goal will keep you on track. But that also means you will not be satisfied until you achieve it. So to feel satisfaction along the way, why not divide your goal into smaller goals and achieve them one by one?
For example, if your aim is to have USD 1,000,000 in your account, why not start with 100,000, then 200,000, then 300,000, and so forth?

Recall your goal daily.
Every morning when you wake up, why not start the day by refreshing your mind about your goals? This way, you will be able to start every morning head on and in high spirit and energy. You may also do this after lunch, after your afternoon nap, and every time you feel like it.

Exercise humble optimism.
Thinking positively will help you go a long way. But if you are always overly optimistic, you might be paving way to greater disappointment. When being optimistic, you should approach it with a humble heart. Know which goals are realistic and which are unrealistic. Always remember that optimism and positive thinking should still be based on facts and possible outcomes.

Exercise healthy pessimism.
The word ‘pessimism’ always appears as a negative word. However, it can actually help you in your goals. Of course, you should not always think that things will go wrong. But if you somehow expect the possibility, you will not feel as disappointed or as frustrated when the failure actually takes place. You will be able to bounce back right away. Jump ahead.
After a failure, a disappointment, or an episode of depression, you might not feel like getting back on track right away. But this is what many successful people realized: “just jump right back on track even when you do not feel like it and soon you will feel the excitement again”.

Visualize the steps you need to take.
If you know which path to take, which turns to go to, and which blocks to avoid while on your journey to reaching your goals, you will feel more confident because you know what you are doing. So before starting your quest for achievement, you should visualize how you plan to get there.

Have a backup plan.
The path you visualized might be ideal. However, things do not always happen how we planned it. So just in case things do not go the way you planned them, it will help a lot to have a backup plan. This way, you will not feel as disappointed or as frustrated because something has got your back. Make a progress chart.
Achieving your goal is like the download bar that shows up onscreen when you are downloading a media file – maybe an audio or a movie clip. Each time the bar moves, you feel more excited because you know it is becoming closer to finishing. So if you keep a chart of your progress, it will invigorate and encourage you when you see your progress moving up.

Take time to look back.
Because achievers are sometimes too focused on their final goal, they sometimes forget how far they have already gone. Without them knowing, they have already achieved many great things. Therefore, it is important that you sometimes look back and see the things you have already done. You might be surprised of what you will see.

Have other goals in life.
If you only focus on goal, you will soon feel how suffocating it is. To feel refreshed from time to time, why not pursue other goals as well? For instance, if you are in a power job and you are seeking a higher position in your company, why not do other things during your free time like learning how to bake, learning how to fish, or learning how to saw?

Make smaller achievements.
This is more about making you feel better about yourself. If you are backed up by many smaller achievements in life, you will feel very confident about your skills. So when a problem comes along the way, you will have more guts to face it heads on.

Avoid small mistakes.
As you pursue your goals, it is inevitable that you will make some mistakes. This is healthy because you will learn from these. But there are also such things as ‘unnecessary mistakes’ or mishaps you could have done without. These mistakes will make you feel less confident and less worthy so avoid them at all cost.

Avoid becoming the perfectionist.
If you are going to do it, you better do it right – or so a perfectionist would say. And yes, this is a good approach. But try not to overdo it. Nobody can be too perfect about everything and aiming for perfection will only bring you more disappointment and frustration.

Do not panic.
Once a problem presents itself, it is natural that you will react in some way. But stay aware and watch yourself for panic. When you realize that you are going out of control, take some time to sit back and relax. If you manage to stop panic at its tracks, the rest will follow.

Sort out the unimportant worries.
We have many worries in life. However, many of them are unimportant and have nothing to do with our main goals. Sort out these less important ones, purge them, and you will have more energy to take on the problems that really matter.
Taking a load off your shoulders will make you feel invigorated and revitalized. For example, if you need to do something about your grades in school or performance in your work, maybe you should first stop worrying about your lack of budget for that upcoming Disney vacation.

Have a simple eye.
Having a simple eye means being satisfied with simple things and wanting simple things. This way, your own self will not be difficult to please. Also, your goals will be easier to achieve. A person with a simple approach to life is less often frustrated and disappointed. It is living lightly with fewer worries in life.

Loosen up the gear.
It means you should not be too strict with yourself. So instead of telling yourself what you must do, what you need to do, and what standards to follow, why not loosen up a bit and try going easier with yourself? Many cannot see it, but the worst bully can be one’s own self. If you loosen up a bit, maybe you will start feeling lighter. And soon, you will again have the energy to get back on track.

Find friendly and supportive competition.
These are goal-oriented people who are also pursuing goals in life. If you keep people like that around, you can create a healthy and supportive competition. With each time they step higher, you will also feel motivated to rise higher.
And no, you and your friends do not have to be going after the same thing. For example, you may be aiming to have higher grades in academics and your friend may be aiming to win nationals in school sports.

Celebrate the success of others.
If you have friends which you can compete with in reaching higher goals, you all can achieve great things. However, you may feel disappointed and crushed if one of your friends succeeds first and you are left behind. The feeling of envy can be hard to battle. To avoid this, why not throw a party for him or treat him to dinner as a reward? This will make you forget how you felt.

Make your plans public.
If your commitment is secret, it is so much easier to give up. This is because nobody will know that you failed. But if everyone knows what you are after, you will surely think twice about abandoning your goals. Because you know that there are eyes watching you, you will feel the need to get back up immediately after every fall. Also, the people who know might offer you their encouragement and support.

Recognize your achievements.
This is not just all about knowing your own milestones. It is also about celebrating them visually. You can do this by throwing off a party and inviting your friends over. This way, you will always be reminded about how success feels like.
So when you are faced with a dilemma, you will have a stronger will to overcome it because you know great things are waiting for you.

Reward yourself.
Buy something that you always wanted to have. Go beyond your regular limits. If normally you would not give yourself a 1,000 dollar bag, why not do it this time around? And if normally you would not spend so much on your dinner, why not eat out with your family on fine dining restaurants? By rewarding yourself, you will know how success tastes like and you will always long for it. It will become your driving force.

Learn to be satisfied.
Are the results not what you expected? Maybe you were aiming for a certain standard and only a portion of it was achieved. In such cases, learn to just be satisfied with the outcome. This will reduce any amount of frustration that you have. Of course, this is not to say that you should just be content without doing anything. Instead of remorse, focus your energy on getting back on track.

Be honest with yourself.
Or in other words, you should not feed yourself with lies. For example, it may be heartbreaking admit that a business you started is already going bankrupt. If you keep lying to yourself, you are only prolonging your suffering. Instead, you should embrace the truth of the situation. Only this way can you have a clear mind to make the best decisions.

Have open expectations.
Frustrations are mostly the product of expecting too much. There is truth when the Proverbs said: “An expectation postponed makes the heart sick.” So learn to expect only what is realistic and possible. And even though you are expecting a certain outcome, have an open mind that it may happen how you expected it to be.

Be aware of risks.
A typhoon is more destructive if you did not see it coming. Unlike for example if it is announced, it is not as frustrating even it did leave behind some damage. This is because you already somehow predicted such an episode. So to feel less disappointed, try to be aware of the risks involved beforehand. This way, you will not be caught off-guard. Also, you will be able to make some preparations.

Be prepared for risks.
After knowing the risks involved, it is time to make preparations. If you are ready, you will be more confident and you will feel more secured. This sense of security will take you a long way. You will be braver to take on challenges and your motivation to do better will always be on high.

Have an open mind.
Having an open mind is a protection from disappointments, frustrations, mistakes, and mishaps. Why is this so? Because if you have an open mind, you will always be able to sense problems before they arrive. This is the problem with people who are already too confident. They feel that they cannot be touched on their high pedestals so when they fall, they hit the ground hard.

Do not allow gaps in your schedule.
Motivation is something that needs to be fed continuously. If you are chasing after a goal, make sure that you do not give it little rests until you achieve it. This is because little pauses can make you slack. With each pause, you might need to regain yourself again before restarting. This of course does not mean that you cannot rest. It simply means that you need to give it your all every time.

Follow a healthy diet.
Now how did eating healthy foods ever become a motivation factor? Believe it or not, it can actually affect your mood. Take note that a weak or unhealthy body is more prone to stress and emotional swings. If your body is strong and well-nourished, your mind will also be in top condition. This will let you take on challenges more efficiently.

Know foods and beverages that can affect your mood.
There are certain foods that can affect the mood. These include chocolates, coffee products, alcoholic drinks, truffles, and some exotic foods. Familiarize yourself with them and eat the ones that are known to revitalize and energize the body. Chocolate for example is an energizing food that is easily available nowadays.

Exercise regularly.
There are two factors that drain our energy. One is mental and the other is physical. In dealing with physical stress factors, it will help a lot if you follow a regular exercise routine. This way, your metabolism will always be on high and you will always feel invigorated and energized to take on problems. Of course, the best time to do this is early in the morning. It will be a perfect day-starter.

Have proper sleep.
A sleepy head is more prone to depression, frustration, and panic. This is because the mind also needs to rest and without enough rest, it will not be able to properly process problems. This is why it is very important that you complete the minimum requirement of 8 hours of sleep a day. If that is not possible, at least have six hours of sleep every night.

Have short naps.
During sleep, our brain processes information such as problem solving, memory storage, information sorting, and stress management. According to the Freudian Theory, the brain throws stressful thoughts into the unconscious part of the brain during sleep. In short, sleeping helps to make us feel less frustrated about our problems. So to regain your motivation, it will help a lot to have short naps during the day. At least 10 minutes of nap time is advisable.

Have regular cold showers.
During your down times, it will help a lot to shake up your mind a bit with cold showers. Studies show that having cold showers helps calm the mind and keep it active. It also allows one to see the situation clearer. This way, not only will you feel instantly refreshed but your renewed mental prowess will also allow you to make sound decisions.

Wake up early.
It does not matter what time you went to bed last night. What is important is that you always start your day early. This is because staying at bed long after 7:00 AM can make you feel sluggish and unmotivated. On the other hand, being active early in the morning will make you feel more ready to take on challenges.

Take supplements.
The body has its own mechanism which allows it to absorb and manage stress. But for this function to work properly the body must also be in perfect condition. That is why it is important to take supplements to make sure that your body has all the compounds.

Drink lots of fluids.
Another part of staying healthy is drinking lots of water. This will revitalize all the organs in your body and restore them to proper working order. If you are under state of shock, drinking soda and other sweetened drinks will help calm you down. To feel refreshed after an unlikely event, try drinking a glass of cold water. You can also add slices of lemon to a pitcher of water. The zest will wake your senses and revitalize you.

Snack on fresh fruits and salads.
Studies show that consuming the right amount of fresh fruits and vegetables can help fight off stress and anxiety. People who have regular supply of these refreshing foods also show better resilience towards negative thoughts. But if you must follow this diet, it is advisable that you focus more on watery ones such as watermelons and vitamin rich ones such as citrus fruits.

Enjoy a good spa and massage.
After a depressing situation, a bad news, or a frustrating failure, it will help a lot if you start your recovery by pampering your body. Experts in psychology agree that a relaxed mind and body fares better in facing problems. Also, getting a massage and spa treatment will clear your mind and give you time to create a plan.

Recognize negative thought patterns.
Another key to stopping negative thoughts from its tracks is to recognize it in its earliest form. It is best to purge it when it is only starting because once you allow it to grow, it will be harder to deal with. Many people have learned to ‘shrug it off’ when negative ideas are only starting to emerge. They do this by creating distractions. Some people simply remind themselves of their goals and aspirations.

Remember better days.
When negative thoughts have already entered your mind, you can clear them off by drowning them with your memories of better day. Simply remember your better days, your past achievements, and your past successes. This will remind you of who you really are and what you are capable of.

Reason with yourself and win the argument.
At times, you can simply talk yourself out of your frustrations. Think of reasons why you should not even be worrying at all. Convince yourself by using reasons and facts.

Write down your strong reasons.
You might have a clear concept of what your reasons are for pursuing your goals. But once you are faced with a problem, you can easily lose sight of your ideals. That is why it is important to keep a list of them. Write down your strongest reasons and consult the list whenever you are feeling down. This should jog your memory.

Avoid conflicts.
Conflicts with other people can heighten the stress and frustration that you are feeling. Therefore, it is best to avoid any conflict with anyone. Practice kindness, understanding, and humbleness.

Have time with family and friends.
Especially if your family and friends are your inspirations for achieving your goals, you should always set a time to be with them. This will remind you of why you are working so hard. You will also be reminded of the people who are always wishing you the best of luck. Their very presence alone will invigorate and reenergize you.

Find a confidant.
Your family and friends should be enough to keep your spirits high. However, there should always be one person who is willing to be your crying shoulder whenever you need it. This person will be your confidant and best friend – someone you can trust. Even though this person cannot actually help you in your problems, you will find that pouring out your frustrations and worries to this person will make things weigh lighter on your shoulders.

Surround yourself with optimistic companions.
A negative state of mind is contagious. However, the same also goes true for positive thinking. So while avoiding people who know nothing better than to bombard you with discouraging thoughts, you should also surround yourself with people who have an optimistic approach to life.

Find a goal buddy.
What is the use of utopia if you are going to live in it alone? Of course, it is better if you are sharing it with someone. The same goes true for reaching your goals. If you are sharing your aspirations with someone, your dreams will seem more realistic and within reach.

Take company of successful people.
While you are on your way to success, it will a lot if you can find people who are already successful. They know what you are going through because they have been there. As such, they can offer you useful advice and support. At times, they may even lend you a helping hand. Also, their presence alone will give you an idea of what you want to achieve. It will remind you of the fire that burned in you.

Join online and offline groups.
Whatever your goals are, there are many other people in the world who are pursuing the same ideals. By reaching out to them, you will feel that you are not alone. This will give you a sense of belongingness. This is especially true if what you are pursuing is something that is not common in your area. For example, if you are an aspiring violinist and you live in a country where violin-playing is not popular, it will help a lot to join online communities of violinists.

Talk about your goals and dreams.
People like to talk about their interests and this is exactly what you need to do. Whenever you find someone who wants to listen, you should tell that person stories about the goals you are pursuing. Do you recall how enthusiastic and energetic you are whenever you are telling stories about your goals? That is the idea.

Get a coach.
This may not be applicable for all situations but when it is, you should definitely get one. For example, you might want to get a coach for fitness training, a tutor for academic studies, an advisor for business management, and a consultant for anxiety and stress. Just make sure that you get someone who is a professional in the field.

Find a criticism buddy.
While it is important to have someone who will tell you the good things about your plans, it is also important to have someone who can constructively criticize it. Who knows, your friend might be able to point out a possible risk which you may have overlooked. With a complete knowledge of all risks you might face, you will feel more confident because you are not walking blindly.

Have time for play.
And of course, do not forget to enjoy a good sports or game. Go out and play. Maybe you can play basketball or soccer with your buddies. Maybe you can sit down and play a few rounds of poker with your friends. And if you are into it, maybe you can enjoy some computer games as well.

Have a good vacation from time to time.
Almost everyone is pursuing a goal in order to have a better life. But if you only focus on how to achieve your goal, you might forget what you are fighting for. Remind yourself from time to time what good life is. You should enjoy some vacation with your loved ones.

Stay pretty.
Beauty is a motivation. It might not be true for all people, but staying beautiful makes some people motivated in everything that they do. It may have something to do with the confidence which beauty bestows. So go ahead take care of your skin, hair, nails, and others.

Keep your fashion high.
And to always stay beautiful, you can also keep your fashion statement updated. Studies show that people who dress well feel more confident about themselves. So after a downfall, why not buy yourself an expensive dress? It should be enough to jumpstart your energy and bring you back on track.

Stay in a fresh environment.
Psychologists agree that our surrounding environment greatly affects how we think, feel, and react. In order to be in top shape, it is advisable that we sometimes unplug and visit places such as seashores, gardens, ponds, and zoos.

Keep your dwelling places clean.
It may be partly an unconscious thing, but the mind works freer and more efficiently when the surrounding area is clean and organized. It makes the brain feel more comfortable. This is because a messy place somehow makes the brain feel anxious and hurrying. And after a problem or a downfall, cleaning the house will make let you release some stress.

Know your affinity to colors.
Discover which color you are most comfortable with. If you are surrounded by colors which you fancy, your mind is always likely to stay in good condition. But in any case, you should probably avoid heavy and dark colors. Something like bright red hues, strong accents, and heavy contrasts are somewhat stressful to the mind.

Set goal reminders.
These are items which embody your goals in life. When you see these items, they should remind you of just how badly you want to achieve that goal. For example, I if you are an aspiring basketball player, it can be a trophy, a jersey uniform, or an old basketball. Once you know your goal reminder, keep it where you will always see it. This will always remind you of the important things that you need to do.

Learn frustration/anger management skills.
Controlling your anger and/or your frustration is easier said than done. You might be confident that you can do it, but once you are in the situation, there is really no telling what you will do or how you will react. So if you have the time and resources, why not attend classes about anger management skills? Ask your local guidance counselor or psychologist for such classes.

Take criticism positively.
Even if you avoid it or ignore it, critics will always be there to gnaw you down and destroy your mood. These people do not seem to understand the harsh effect of their words to it is up to you to mend things. You can do this by starting to accept criticism in a positive way. Instead of taking it as an insult, you should take criticism as a reminder of what you need to improve.

Take on challenges and succeed.
It does not always have to be about your main goal. Why not also take smaller challenges such as winning a round of basketball game or learning how to do something new. These challenges should remind you of how it feels like to take over challenges. It will revive your fighting spirit.

Keep dreaming.
If you stop dreaming, you will also stop getting better. Also, you might lose your drive to reach higher. Look back and remember what it was that made you pursue your goals in life. Was it not because of your dreams? Likewise, you can use your dreams to regain your composure after a downfall.

Recall the benefits of you goal.
We take on goals because of its benefits. When it feels like you cannot go on anymore, simply remember these benefits and you will instantly feel revitalized again.

Accept failure as a part of it.
Life cannot be all just about success. In fact, our successes in life tastes a lot sweeter because we also know what it feels like to fail. Simply put, failures are a part of our life and it is inevitable. Learn to accept this and your downfalls will not feel as terrible as it seems. With each downfall, simply get back up and start again.

Approach your goals in a fun way.
People often forget that there is fun in doing everything. Even working in the office can be fun. If you learn to find the ‘fun’ in everything that you do, you will always feel revitalized and energized. This should be enough to keep you motivated throughout a day of hard work. After all, you are not working. You are having fun.

Keep smiling.
There are 14 muscles in our face that are responsible for smiling. When you stretch these muscles, it has the effect of making us feel invigorated. Even if it is a forced smile, it still has some magic in it. Learn to keep smiling and it will make problems feel a lot lighter. Also, it will help other people around you who are also undergoing tough times.

Learn new things.
Discover new facts, new information, and new knowledge. Read science books and fact books. The annual release of Guinness Book of World Records is a good place to start. You might also want to watch the Discovery Channel and the National Geographic Channel. By doing these things, you will be reminded of the world’s mystery and beauty. It will return some of the energy that you lost.

Read success stories of real people.
Learning about the life of successful people can be very inspiring. It will make you feel like your goals and aspirations are real and not just a dream. Also, such books share the hardships that successful men and women faced while they are on their way to seeking success. It will make you feel like your troubles are nothing. d

Contemplate hard.
The Japanese and the Chinese people are fond of using this technique to clear off their mind. They would sit down in a quiet place, take on a relaxed position, and think of a solution to their problems inside their mind. It is all in the mind and they find peace in this way. So when you are faced with a problem, simply find time to contemplate about it and you will instantly feel better.

Approach problems with solution plans.
Problems only appear big when you have no solutions for them. Therefore, you should immediately think of a solution plan when you are faced with a dilemma. With a solution plan, any problem will feel lighter because you know you have a weapon against it. This way, you will be able to get back on track right away.

Know the source of your frustrations.
When you visit your doctor, he will start his diagnosis by searching out the cause of the problem. The same goes with frustrations and disappointments in life. Once you know the root cause, it may turn out that it is not as serious as it first appeared. For example, why are you dissatisfied with your work? Maybe there is not really anything wrong with it and the cause of your frustration is only your perfectionism.

Spend time with pets.
Studies shows that spending time with animals can help relax the mind. This is especially true with domesticated animals such as dogs and cats. It can also be true for pets like fishes in an aquarium. But you do not have to own one. Simply visit a friend who owns pets and spend some time in their place.

Spend time with kids.
Kids are boundlessly energetic. They are endlessly enthusiastic about everything and there appears to be no limit to their energy. Seeing this, you might recall how you used to be when you were a kid. Therefore, spending time with kids can be a really invigorating experience. You yourself will feel a lot younger. With kids around, problems will start to melt away as you smile watching them play.

Help people.
After a failure, you might feel worthless. You might think that you cannot do anything right. But you can prove yourself wrong. Go ahead and help people with their problems, tasks, and dilemmas. After you have helped someone, you will feel your importance and your worth. Also, the gratitude of the person you just helped will make you feel like you can go on again.

Change places with people.
You might be tired of doing the same thing every single day so why not try to experience new things by swapping places with people? Of course, you will need to find someone who is willing to change roles with you. For example, you might want to know how it feels like to be a janitor, a teacher, a cook, or a carpenter. By doing this, you will see the world through a different perspective. Amazingly enough, this can make your problems seem lighter.

Keep tasks organized.
When problems arise, things just seem to get out of hand. Tasks become disorganized and schedules become messed up. When this happens, take time to pause and stop for a while. Take a deep breath and start by organizing things again. Once the normal flow is back, you can then approach the problem. This time though, you will be back with a vengeance.

Avoid lag time and take action immediately.
People have this habit of slacking and taking a long rest after a downfall. But this will make you forget what it was that motivated you and what it was that made you pursue your goals. Do not let this happen and take action right away. Of course, you are allowed to pause for a while and think things over. But never stop.

Recall the things that motivated you.
When in trouble, recall the times before when you were also in the same kind of trouble. What did you do back then? What was it that returned your motivation? Try to remember that because the same thing might work for you again. Keep a list of things that motivated you so you know what to do the next time you feel like you need to refresh your motivation.

Be forgiving of others.
Forgiving frees up the soul. It makes a person feel lighter inside. It is as if a big iron ball chained around your legs has been taken away. Try and forgive people who did wrong to you and you will immediately feel lighter. This will renew your energy to start again. You will be able to face your problems with fewer worries in your mind. Also, you must learn to forgive yourself. One reason why people cannot move on is because they continue to blame themselves for their failure.

Catch the momentum and stay adrift.
Motivation is like the high wind which eagles seek out and ride. So once you feel the spark of energy again, you must grab it and never let go again. And to keep it, you must also feed it. Know what makes you motivated and keep adding fuel to it. This is like adding dry wood to fire in order to keep it burning.

Listen to motivating music.
Good music lifts up the soul. It makes one access the inner cores of his being. Music can also change the mood of the listener. It can induce joy, fear, sadness, and motivation. So when you are feeling discouraged, you should find music with lively and happy tunes. This will make you feel instantly better. Of course, you can listen to any genre of your choice. It can be Jazz, Blues, Pop, or Country. However, studies show that classical music has the best effect on people’s mood.

Read motivating quotes.
There is power in words. A good writer knows this and makes use of his skills to instill different emotions upon the reader. A good writer can make someone feel sad, happy, perplexed, and motivated. So when you are feeling down, try looking for ‘inspirational quotes’ on the internet. Once you find a good one, you can keep it for future reference.

Watch classic fairy tales.
Nobody wants to live in a world of lies and fairy tales. However, the unrealistic stories of Disney’s old time classics are actually surprisingly motivating. The life of Snow White, Belle, and Ariel can really move someone’s heart. Also, their ‘happily ever after’ ending makes one feel contented and happy inside. It can be all that you need to get back on track.

Avoid discouraging news.
Of course, you always need to stay informed about the latest news. News about the weather report for example is something you cannot do without. These are important. What you really want to avoid are the depressing ones. News about murder, rape, and terrorism are some of the things which you can ignore for a while during your down times. You already have enough going on in your mind so try and avoid things that can make you worry more.

Attend spiritual retreats regularly.
Events like this one are usually organized by religious groups. If you belong to any, it will be easier to find a one. You can also ask your psychologist or your consultant about any spiritual retreats they organize. The idea may sound a bit off to you at first but joining a retreat can really make one feel invigorated and refreshed.

Spend time with your other interests.
Think of your other interests as your little escapes. Whenever you are feeling tired about your work or studies, take time to stop for a while and spend time enjoying your other interests in life. Maybe you like ski boarding, painting, fishing, or travelling? Do not neglect yourself. Having these little escapes will make you feel refreshed and renewed. When you come back, you will be stronger and energized.

Find something to believe in.
It can be religion, it can be a philosophy, or it can by anything which you can put your faith into. Find something in which you can channel your energy and your belief. Studies show that religion for example can stand as a foundation for a person. It makes one resist downfalls and it makes one feel stronger against oppositions.

Think highly of yourself.
When you believe and accept that you are someone great, you will be stubborn enough to just accept failure as it is. Instead, you will seek ways to rise from it and come back stronger and better. Your pride in yourself will not allow you to be a loser. You can use this stubbornness to spring you back on track whenever you need it. Have confidence in the things that you can do.

Do not think you are alone.
When faced with dilemmas, it is pretty normal for a person to feel alone and helpless. However, you are not alone. When feeling down, think of your family, your friends, and your loved ones. Always imagine that they are cheering you on. They want you to do better. The idea of them cheering you can really make you feel renewed. It is like an energy drink filling up the blood stream.

Fulfill your emotional needs
We may have many different goals in life but we must not forget that we also have our emotional needs. Given today’s fast-paced life, many are forgetting the value of having emotional connection with people. They are all busy doing their tasks and their work. So find time to connect with a special someone, a best friend, or a family member. Always remember that a person who is loved will always fare better.

Fulfill your spiritual obligations.
Take time to give your thanks to the Lord. It does not matter what religious group you belong to. Whatever are the requirements of your group, you should find time to fulfill it. Attend masses, help the church, give donations, and pray regularly. By doing these things, you will feel more complete as a person. It will give you the energy to keep going.

Live life to the fullest.
And lastly, you should pursue every aspect of your life in order to be a ‘complete’ and ‘well-rounded’ individual. As a complete person, you will not feel any empty gaps in your life at all. This will make you a strong person – someone who can face any adversity and succeed over it.

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