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20 funny football team names

by shedboy71

This collection is a list of genuine football (soccer if you are from the US) team names, yep these teams genuinely existed or still exist

Semen Padang : is an Indonesian professional football club, based in Padang. Backed by a cement company (Semen in Indonesian) so that’s a relief that explanation.

Deportivo Wanka : A peruvian club named after an indigenous ethnic group. So if anyone says the supporters are wankas that’s fair enough, I wonder if the merchandise sells well.

Golden Bush : An African team this time and they are from Botswana.

Deportivo Morón : An Argentine sports club located in the city of Morón. All of the supporters are morons, yep that would be spot on.

Chaco For Ever : an Argentine Football club. Who is Chaco and what position does he play ?

Dangerous Darkies FC : A South African team that was formed in the city of Nelspruit. They eventually changed their name, hmmm I wonder why. Not popular in the USA.

Double Flower FA : A team from Hong Kong, how nice

Løv-Ham : A Norwegian team who played in the Norwegian second division, sadly merged with another club and changed their name. Boo, Hiss.

Joe Public : This lot are based in Trinidad and Tobago. Their favourite player is A trialist.

King Faisal Babes : Another team from Ghana, if they are all of his babes then that’s some going.

Naughty Boys : Another African team this time from Botswana. Not sure if they are all naughty, being footballers more than likely.

Dinamo Bender : A team from Moldova who have sadly changed their name, a lot of people in the UK like to go on a Bender, maybe that was the problem. ( I can’t do the other joke for the PC brigade)

Fotballaget Fart : Located in Norway, they are situated in the north of the country in a place called Vang. Apparently their top striker likes to let rip from time to time.

Botswana Meat Commission : located in South Africa which is famous for exporting meat

The Strongest : Pretty famous Bolivian team based in La Paz. The oldest club in the country still active, they could change to that instead.

Hearts of Oak : team from Ghana, play in a 40000 capacity stadium, bizarre name.

Always Ready : A Bolivian team, every team should be Always ready, so fair enough to them.

Wankie Colliery FC : This team are based in Zimbabwe but sadly changed their name. Maybe everytime you were about to watch Wankie on the TV caught up with them in the end

Kalamazoo Outrage : Used to play in the good old US of A, sadly no more, guess you could be outraged about that.

Insurance Management Bears : Located in the Bahamas, often shortened to just Bears. Which I guess the fans will be pleased at?

Mysterious Dwarfs : From Ghana, again. I assume that they didn’t play high balls to often

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