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5 yoga videos with 70 easy to learn yoga poses

by shedboy71

In this article we bring you 5 yoga related videos with a grand total of 70 yoga poses

Video 1

childs pose
hamstring stretch right
hamstring stretch left
cat cow pose
downward dog
beginner high plank
high plank
cobra upward facing dog
beginners flow
flow 2
low runners lunge left
low lunge right side
high lunge left
high lunge right


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Video 2

warrior one left
warrior right
warrior two left
warrior two right
standing forward bend
chair pose side
chair pose front
chair pose twist left
chair pose twist right
triangle left
triangle right
reverse warrior pose left
reverse warrior pose right
half moon left
half moon right


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Video 3

extended side angle left
extended side angle right
revolved side angle pose left
revolved side angle right
warrior three left
warrior three right
humble warrior left side
humble warrior right side
prayer twist left side
prayer twist right side
wide legged forward bend
side plank left side
side plank right side
three legged dog left
three legged dog right side


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Video 4

tree pose left side
tree pose right side
eagle pose left side
eagle pose right side
dancers pose front view
dancers pose right side
camel pose
fire log left side
fire log right side
seated twist left side
seated twist right side
pigeon pose left side
pigeon right side
seated forward bend
cobblers pose


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Video 5

revolved head to knee stretch left
revolved head to knee right side
thread the needle left
thread the needle right side
bridge pose
happy baby
laying twist left
laying twist right side
shavasana pose


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