Push Up : Fitness challenge

These are variations on Push Ups, one of the best exercise for muscles of the chest (pectorals), arms (bicep and triceps) and core development. The core muscles are the rectus abdomen and obliques which support the spine.


For a Close Grip Push Up lay face down on the floor, or a mat, with your feet together curled slightly so you rise on the ball of your feet. Place you hands close together so your thumbs and index fingers form a triangle on the floor.

Draw your abs in. Inhale as you raise your body up till your arms are straight. Keep your head and neck level with your body (dont look up or down) and dont allow your back to rise or fall. Exhale out as you lower your body back to the ground.

For a Wide Grip Push Up move your hands out to a position slightly wider than your shoulders.



A close grip works more of the inner pectorals and a wide grip works more of the outer pectorals.



Day 1 45 Push ups
Day 2 45 Push ups
Day 3 50 Push ups
Day 4 Rest
Day 5 50 Push ups
Day 6 55 Push ups
Day 7 55 Push ups
Day 8 Rest
Day 9 60 Push ups
Day 10 60 Push ups
Day 11 65 Push ups
Day 12 Rest
Day 13 65 Push ups
Day 14 70 Push ups
Day 15 70 Push ups
Day 16 Rest
Day 17 75 Push ups
Day 18 75 Push ups
Day 19 80 Push ups
Day 20 Rest
Day 21 80 Push ups
Day 22 85 Push ups
Day 23 85 Push ups
Day 24 Rest
Day 25 90 Push ups
Day 26 90 Push ups
Day 27 95 Push ups
Day 28 Rest
Day 29 95 Push ups
Day 30 100 Push ups




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