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14 websites to find free fonts for your projects

by shedboy71

There are many times as a designer you need to find a nice looking font, this can enhance many projects. In this article we present 14 sites with a variety of free fonts. Watch the licenses as some of these may only be for personal use and not for any commercial projects but there are many can be used in the listings below

Google Fonts – A collection of over 800 fonts from Google with a preview, easy navigation

FontSquirrel – Free fonts that can be used commercially. Easy to navigate with previews and various filters available.

ffonts – Over 70000 fonts on this site. 14000 of tehse can be used for commercial purposes, you can download 50 fonts per day.

FontSpace – a huge amount of fonts are available here, 34000 to be exact. They are not all available for commercial use but its easy to find the usage rights of each font and previews are available

FontFreak – This site has 9000 free fonts from various designers, sorted alphabetically for easy downloading. You can also download the complete collection for a small fee. Also sells commercial fonts.

Dafont – This site has over 33000 fonts available with preview, check the license as some are only available for personal use

Fontcab – All of the fonts are available for commercial use on this site, not a massive selection but there are a few categories to browse

FontZone – This site has a collection of over 50000 fonts, many of these are available for commercial use.

1001FreeFonts – Actually over 10000 fonts on this site but most are for personal usage only. You can actually download them all for $19.95

UrbanFonts – Over 30000 free fonts on this site, easy to navigate site with previews of the fonts. Also has commercial fonts on sale.

AbstractFonts – 1000s of fonts available here which are easily viewable online.

NorthernBlock – A small collection of free fonts

Hypefortype – 170 free fonts on this paid fonts site

Fawnt – 9348 fonts with previews, character maps and customisable preview. You can also browse the fonts by category or alphabetically



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