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Simple Lunch Recipes Anyone Can Enjoy

by shedboy71

Tuna Pasta
When it comes to brain food, tuna is very much one of the kings thanks to its high omega 3 content. Pasta meanwhile is great as a source of complex carbs – especially when cold.

To make, simply mix some tuna fish chunks with a little mayonnaise and horseradish (this is crucial) and then add to a pot of cooked pasta and onion. You can boil the pasta in with the onion to save time.

Use brown pasta to make this a little healthier and consider adding sweetcorn.

If you choose the right bread then there’s no reason a sandwich can’t be perfectly healthy! Just choose some form of meat for your protein intake and add plenty of salad.

Not convinced? Then why not go carb-free on this one by ditching the bread entirely! You can use two big mushrooms to keep your filling in place for instance or wrap your sandwich in a large salad leaf! Either of these options will also pack your food with extra nutrition!

Ham, Cucumber, Olive and Tomato Skewers
The ingredients are already listed in the title so I won’t repeat myself here! But suffice to say that another great way to enjoy lots of fillings without the carb-hit of the bread is just to use a skewer and create a cocktail!

Falafel Wrap
All this needs is some falafel, some salad, some chopped tomatoes and a little humus. Add to a wrap or a pita bread and you have a delicious and convenient meal that can be enjoyed in one hand while you shop or call a friend.

Chicken Caesar Salad
Salad might not always be the most exciting lunch but a good Caesar salad can be if you get it right and is certainly very healthy! Just grab some mixed leaves and some ready-cooked chicken breast (unless you have time to cook some at the start of the weak) then mix in a little Caesar dressing, some croutons and a cherry tomato or two.

This meal is packed with nutrients, it’s easy to make and it’s surprisingly delicious! Just remember to pack a fork…

Greek Salad
A Greek salad is quite different from the classic Caesar salad and provides even more nutrition! Take some orange or yellow peppers, some cucumber and some tomatoes and chop them up before tossing in a bowl. Now add some oil and a small amount of feta cheese.

Often a good way to tell if a meal is nutrient dense is to look at the different colors. Here you have a ton of different colors which tells you that you’re getting a nicely varied meal! Boiled Eggs Instead of a packet of crisps, enjoy your chosen sandwich or salad with two boiled eggs. This will give you some easy amino acids, choline for brain power and saturated fat for nutrient absorption and testosterone levels.

Try to stay fairly consistent with your lunches. Work out the calories of each of your favorite options and that way you’ll know what number you’re on by the time it gets to dinner and you won’t need to count calories!

Lunches and breakfasts are generally functional meals. While dinner is usually quality time with family or friends and a chance to unwind, these two meals simply serve a purpose. That makes them perfect for getting your diet off to a strong start every day.

Easy Dinner Recipes
If you have used options from the last two chapters for your breakfast or lunch (or something similar) then you should be at around 600-800 calories by the end of the day.

This means you can enjoy all kinds of indulgent meals for dinner without worrying that you’ll exceed 2,000/2,500 calories!

As long as you eat generally ‘healthily’ – i.e. no ready meals – then there are tons of things you can enjoy that will be perfect for eating with your family. Here are some quick and easy ones…

One of my personal favorites, carbonara provides nutrients from egg, cheese and onion and is very satisfying without being too high in calories.

The jury is out on the bacon but you can swap that for ham if you’re concerned!

Simply take some chopped onion and bacon and fry to the point where they’re almost burned (adding oil). Meanwhile, boil some brown pasta. Once they have finished, drain the pasta and add to the frying pan. Now grate some cheese over the top and sir.

Next turn off the hob and add a single beaten egg and make sure to cover all the pasta thoroughly. Serve quickly.

Homemade Pizza
One thing you may have noticed about this diet book is that it’s letting you get away with some of the meals you might previously have thought of as being forbidden or bad for you! But as long as you’re getting lots of nutrition and you’re not overindulging, a lot of these things are actually fine when you make them yourself.

Consider pizza for instance. Simply buy a pizza base and then add the toppings you want. This can include things like tomato, pepper, pineapple (rich in bromelain) and chicken. All very good for you!

Another very healthy pasta meal is Bolognese – and this is easy to make as well. Simply cook up some mince with onion and boil some brown pasta. Add a tin of chopped tomatoes and heat til ready.

Beans on Toast
In a hurry? Then just whip up some beans on toast. Beans are a good source of protein and are packed with other nutrients. They’re also relatively low calorie and this is super easy to prepare.

Baked Potato
Similarly easy is to bake a potato and add beans to that. While the potato is a simple carb (and not one of your five a day), it does contain some useful nutrients and the skin will help to slow absorption. You can top with a number of healthy options – ranging from mixed tuna fish, to egg or beans.

Squid, Chorizo and Haloumi Salad
This one is a bit more ambitious but it’s delicious! Take some salad leaves and mix up with some chopped red peppers and baked cherry tomatoes. Now fry up some chorizo, squid and thinly sliced halloumi and add to your concoction. Throw on a dressing made from vinegar and vegetable oil and enjoy!

Stir Fry
Simply fry some vegetables and beans in a pan and then add a few strips of beef or chicken and some soy sauce.

Fish and Salad
Another really easy one. Just take some ready-cooked fish such as salmon or mackerel and then enjoy with a salad. This can leave you a little hungry – so try adding some avocado to the salad.

Steak and Salad
That’s right – steak is good for you! Really good in fact. It contains saturated fat but as we’ve seen, that’s no bad thing. You’ll also get creatine, amino acids, PQQ, CoQ10 and more.

Likewise, you can place other meats with salads for easy meals. How about some gammon? This is a great lean meat for keeping calories down! Pork chop is another option.

Steamed Rice and Chicken If you want to go really clean and eat something that is low in calories, then steam some rice and vegetables and mix together (peas, broccoli and sweetcorn being good options). Toss and then place one or two boiled chicken breasts on top. Add a little paprika as well for extra flavor.

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