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Affirmations for Attracting Health

by shedboy71

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It is entirely too easy to take our health for granted these days. A cookie here, a candy bar there. At first, nothing happens, but slowly, over time our weight starts to creep up, and we start to feel tired and down in the dumps. Not to mention all of the negative feelings that go along with it: anger, anxiety, and frustration along with a decrease in our self-esteem.

Fortunately, becoming healthier is relatively simple. All it takes is making a decision to make a change in our lives. This applies to both our mental and physical well-being. Consciously making small, seemingly insignificant, but positive choices every day will bring results that are often surprising. After three weeks we develop a habit and suddenly discover that it’s not only become easier, but automatic to make better healthier choices.

Just like with our physical health, you can strengthen your mind by nourishing it with developing your skills and talents, good books, spending more time with friends, and seeking out more experiences that provide us opportunities for growth. Here are some affirmations for maintaining and improving your health.

1. I am full of energy and life.

2. I am in control of my state at all times.

3. I am happy and always have control over how I feel.

4. I choose to be full of joy and gratitude.

5. I am more than I seem to be, and within me are all the powers of the Universe.

6. My reason for eating healthy food is to fuel my body.

7. Being healthy is better than any other taste in the world.

8. My healthy body is created by my healthy thoughts.

9. My body is my temple.

10. I am worthy of being healthy.

11. My daily habits are helping me to become healthier and happier.

12. I choose to eat healthy because the food I eat is construction material for my body.

13. I eat nutritious foods that give me energy.

14. I can eat for enjoyment or social reasons as long as I do it responsibly and stay within my own rules that I set in advance.

15. I get plenty of restful and energizing sleep.

16. I make healthy choices and respect the body that I have been given.

17. The water that I drink cleanses my body and gives me the clarity of mind I need to succeed.

18. I love how it feels to be healthy.

19. I feel a deep sense of well-being.

20. My body heals easily and quickly.

21. I take ample amount of time to clear my mind.

22. I invest in the health of my mind and body.

23. My heart is healthy and strong.

24. My fitness and health are a priority.

25. I have abundant energy to live my life.

26. Living a healthy lifestyle is important to me.

27. I love my body. It takes me everywhere.

28. My body grows healthier and stronger every day.

29. I deserve to be healthy.

30. I am in control of my own health.

31. I feel great, and I radiate an abundance of joy and gratitude.

32. I honor my body, and I am surrounded by others who want me to be healthy.

33. I trust the signals my body sends to me.

34. I feel good, my body feels good, and I radiate nothing but good feelings.

35. I am in possession of a healthy body and a healthy mind.

36. I am energetic and vigorous.

37. I let go of all bad feelings within me about others, incidents, and everything else. I forgive everyone who is associated with me.

38. My body is healthy, I am wealthy, and my mind is wise.

39. I am looking forward to a healthy future because I take care of my body now.

40. I am grateful for my healthy body.

41. Peace flows through my body, mind, and soul.

42. I enjoy my life.

43. I am worthy of good health.

44. I look after my body with genuine compassion.

45. I am doing everything in my power to keep my body healthy.

46. I have a strong and robust immune system. I am able to deal with bacteria, viruses, and germs.

47. My body is free from pain.

48. My body heals itself, and I feel better every day.

49. I maintain my body weight effortlessly and easily every day.

50. I am completely in control of my health, wellness, and healing.

51. I appreciate and adore my body, mind, and soul.

52. My skin is clear, glowing, and radiant.

53. I am capable of being able to maintain my perfect weight.

54. I am an effective, fit, healthy, and energetic person who is capable of handling anything that arises.

55. I will dedicate 20-30 minutes a day for exercise.

56. I feel enthusiastic, vibrant, and energetic every moment.

57. I enjoy eating balanced, nutritious, and healthy meals.

58. I have the full power to control my health and fitness.

59. I love to eat healthy food and exercise daily.

60. I am the recipient of a vibrant mind, body, and soul and glowing health.

61. I enjoy my daily exercise routine.

62. I am fit, active, and healthy, and engage in regular physical fitness.

63. Each day I get closer and closer to my perfect weight.

64. I eat healthy nutritious, energy-giving and balanced foods that benefit my entire body.

65. My body gets healthier, stronger, and more energetic with each passing day.

66. My body is a temple. It is clean, holy, and filled with a sense of goodness.

67. I breathe nice and deeply, exercise regularly, and feed my body healthy, nutritious foods.

68. My daily thoughts support my body to become healthier.

69. I give my body what it needs.

70. I constantly feel wonderful, and my body heals rapidly.

71. I fill my mind with positive thoughts.

72. I use my body in ways that create positive emotions.

73. I often smile and stand up straight.

74. I release the past and relish the present moment.

75. I relax my jaw and keep my teeth separated slightly.

76. I relax my body often and let my body rest when it needs to.

77. I do things that are good for my body.

78. I feel incredibly healthy, and I love it.

79. I am strong and feel good about myself and how healthy I am.

80. I am at peace with my health.

81. My mind is brilliant, and my soul is tranquil.

82. I always sleep in peace and wake up with incredible joy.

83. I love exercising daily and filling my body with healthy foods.

84. I am fit, energetic, attractive and healthy.

85. I am stunning both inside and out.

86. I care for myself by exercising, eating right, and getting enough sleep.

87. I love, care for, and nurture my body, and it cares back for me.

88. I am very beautiful, attractive and fit.

89. I am completely relaxed and filled with the peace of mind and serenity.

90. I create healing energy throughout my life.

91. I am capable of manifesting maximum strength and health.

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