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Health and Weight Loss Affirmations part 1

by shedboy71

I allow my body to receive enough rest and exercise.

I make sure to take care of my body and mind. When I work, I work hard. But when it is time to relax, I focus entirely on me, leaving stress behind.

I know rest and exercise is important to my physical health. Exercise keeps me at a healthy weight and helps my heart pump optimally.

Rest allows my cells to renew themselves and helps them ward off illnesses. I am able to avoid more extensive time loss from illness and disease because I give myself enough rest each night.

I also rest for the sake of my emotional and spiritual strength and stamina. The more rested I am, the more I am able to proactively rise above stress.

I also rest and exercise for my personal creativity. A tired mind is a muddled mind, and I keep mine rested so it can be clear and open to whatever insights may cross my path. Creativity is not something that can be forced; it simply infuses me when I am able to allow it.

For these reasons, I regularly invest in the health and well-being of my body, mind, and spirit.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I invest in my own health and well-being?
2. Do I recognize the extra energy available to me when I exercise my body and mind?
3. Do I allow myself enough rest to be open to the creative impulses that cross my path?

I am healthy and deserve the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

My body is a valuable temple for my soul and so I treat it with the utmost respect. Taking care of my body has allowed me to enjoy my life to the fullest.

To keep myself hydrated, I drink plenty of water during the day. I eat a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables. To prevent toxins from entering my system, I prefer to eat organic foods. My diet is made complete by the rich vitamins and minerals that I take.

I control my urges, doing all things in moderation. I stay away from harmful drugs. Addictions are powerless against me. I take charge of my health because I want to have a long life to share with my loved ones.

My life reflects my hard work. I enjoy my active lifestyle, free from aches and pains, because I take care of my body. I am able to play with my children without worrying about my health. I can exercise without getting out of breath because my heart is healthy.

Generational diseases in my family are minimized because I have taken the initiative to guard my body. When it comes to caring for my health I am on the offensive. I do not wait until something happens before I actively defend my health.

As a result of my lifestyle choices, I have the freedom to do more. I deserve the benefits of a healthy lifestyle because I work hard to maintain supreme health.

Exercise releases endorphins into my brain that act as antidepressants, making me feel happier. And so, I am constantly in a good mood. Being healthy allows me to enjoy fulfilling relationships and produce quality work. I am a better person because I take care of my body.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I take care of my body?
2. What are some lifestyle changes that I can make in order to be healthier?
3. What is my motivation for being healthy?

I nourish and satisfy my mind, body, and soul.

I give my mind, body, and soul what they crave to flourish and in return they enable me to live the most fulfilling life.

I nurture my mind with imagination and knowledge and help it build attitudes of success.

With meditation, I visualize happiness. Through reading and learning, I feed it new ideas on which to ponder. I foster good habits, confidence, and self-esteem with positive affirmations, repeating them throughout the day as the need arises.

I nourish my body with nutritious foods and exercise. Eating right gives my body the nutrients it needs for optimum performance, clear thinking, and a strong immune system. Exercising relieves stress, distributes fresh bursts of oxygen throughout my body, keeps me in tip-top shape, revives me, and makes me feel good all over!

When I feel good and know that I look good as well, I have the passion, confidence, and energy to take on the world! I feel as if nothing can stop me. Challenges become just a bump in the road on my path to success.

I feed my soul with a close connection to my Creator. I feel gratitude for all the good things I am blessed with and the wonderful things just waiting for me to discover and bring into my life. Every day is like a dance with my spirit!

Today, I choose to celebrate my mind, body, and soul and feed them what they crave, knowing that these things will bring me a wondrous life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What did I do today to nourish my mind?
2. How often do I give in to the temptation of choosing junk food over nutritious food?
3. Have I attended to the needs of my spirit?

My body and mind deserve the rewards of self-reflection.

When I am rested and at peace, I can sit and enjoy the calm feelings that flood through my mind. By focusing on myself in the moment, my body and mind can enjoy the rewards of self-reflection.

I am able to think about the things I have accomplished and the things that I want to do. When I get the chance to reminisce about how fortunate I am and how fulfilling my journey has been, I feel a sense of happiness in my heart. Even with the challenges, I can truly say that my life is wonderful!

My mind is healthy. I am rejuvenated and inspired to do even more with my life and I engage my mind to remember the lessons I have learned so far. There are no regrets and I would not change a thing about my journey.

However, I continue to look for change in myself because we all need to grow and adapt. I am prepared to be in charge of how I run my life so I take the time to reflect and look for ways to improve.

I only lean on others when I must. I am self-contained and confident in the power that is within me. I find peace knowing that I am worthy of anything that happens to me. I make a point not to live in the shadows, but to live life with precise thought about where I am going and where I want to be.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I continue to grow and adapt?
2. What actions will I take to make a positive change in my life?
3. What do I need to do to sustain me on my journey?

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I let go of resentment to heal my mind, body, and soul.

Keeping resentment inside of me poisons me, both mentally and physically. Therefore, I release it. It is no longer a part of my life and I embrace joy and good feelings instead. As I let it go, I feel the healing begin.

My mental attitude is shifting to the positive. I can see the good in people again. I can feel the joy of everyday moments now that my mind is no longer clouded with constant resentment. I feel stress-free, lighter and happier than I have been in a long time!

I can see the beauty that is all around me and I can focus on what is good. Now that my mind is outputting positive energies, I can feel that I am attracting good things back to me, and I have better hopes and expectations for the future.

My body is clearing itself of the toxins produced by the negative emotions of resentment. I can enjoy better health and a stronger immune system now that it does not have to use its resources to fight those poisons.

Releasing resentment is a cleansing experience. Now that I no longer harbor such darkness, I feel closer to the clean perfection that I am meant to experience and my soul is refreshed!

I let resentment go and I am glad it’s gone.

Today, I plan to approach life with a positive attitude and avoid any tendency to hold in resentment for anything that happens. I can let bygones be bygones, and focus on moving forward to where I want to be.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Am I harboring resentment from past experiences? How can I let it go?
2. If I resent someone who is currently involved in my life, what can I do to change my attitude?
3. How will my life change for the better by releasing my resentment?

I can neutralize bad habits with good food, exercise, and healthy living.

I have access to a vast library of knowledge about life, and with this knowledge I can neutralize bad habits with good food, exercise, and healthy living. It may take courage to make a positive lifestyle change, but I am fully confident that I will see great success in my life.

I no longer want to live in fear of habitual distaste. I want to enjoy my life now and in the years to come. The only way to do this is to make positive choices. I want to live a long and full life.

The world is addicted to things that are not good for them. It may seem as though no one cares for the consequences, but I am not among that number. I am choosing change.

I hold no reservations about my decision because I know it will only make me stronger, healthy and better. It is time to stop the bad habits and replace them with strong, positives ones.

I want to set an example for others. I want to be accountable for the actions that count. I aim to be the person who speaks out against bad habits and addictions and I long to see others follow in my footsteps.

For too long, we have been a nation that looks for the quick way out. I won’t join in the long line of fast food or addition, but instead, I choose to continue to embrace my new life.

I have no regrets for the decision I have made. Rather, it has given me a renewed outlook on life that I so very much deserve.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What can I do to change my bad habits?
2. How will I use my new experience to help others?
3. What else can I do to live a healthy life?

I am getting healthier, happier, and richer.

I am faithfully following a work out regimen. I enjoy working out and being healthy because it is good for me.

Cultivating healthy habits is one way that I can show myself love and appreciation. My Creator is honored when I take care of the body he gave me.

I am eliminating foods that contaminate my body. By watching what I put into my body, I am creating a consciousness of what I eat.

Because of these healthy habits, I have more energy and stamina to do the things I love. My family reaps the benefits of my new lifestyle.

Every time I replace an undesired behavior with a positive one, I find more happiness. My life is also becoming more disciplined.

I can achieve everything that I want within the confines of a 24-hour day when I make good use of my time.

Being aware of my health has raised my awareness of other areas in my life.

I am finding value and joy in the smallest things in life. I am putting on my gratitude glasses in order to clearly see how blessed I am. As a result, I am blissful.

My life is replete with blessings. My life’s saving’s account is overflowing with surplus joy. I have more than enough happiness, grace, and peace.

Taking care of my body is an outward representation of the way I care about my heart and spirit.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Are there any contaminants I need to eliminate from my life?
2. How do other areas of my life benefit from my taking care of my body?
3. How has my life improved in the last five years?

I am firmly committed to staying active and healthy.

I remain lively and fit because I am dedicated to me.

Being dedicated and committed to my health assures me that I will remain healthy and active throughout my life.

I appreciate and enjoy the conviction to eat healthy foods and exercise my body and mind. I also make sure I relax and de-stress. These are all measures I take to ensure I stay active, healthy and happy.

I have a set schedule that includes an exercise regimen and proper foods to give me plenty of energy. I feel stronger when I exercise and I feel better when I have a balance of nutrients in my body. I enjoy feeling good and I deserve to be healthy.

Sometimes it is difficult for me to go to the gym when I really would rather stay home, but I let go of these feelings because I am committed to myself. It is through this commitment that I ensure a better me.

Today I choose to remain committed to myself and to my regimen of exercise and nutrition. I let go of the urge to skip my schedule. I let go of my urge to eat unhealthy foods. When I dedicate myself to my commitments, I know that I will enjoy a healthy and active body for a long time.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Have I allowed negative thinking to get in my way of my commitment?
2. Have I dedicated myself to daily exercise?
3. Am I committed to eating healthy foods?

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