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A collection of tips for various types of hair

by shedboy71

Curly Hair Care Tips

Number one rule for curly hair: love it! It always amazes me when people with natural y curly hair don’t completely love it. So many women go to drastic measures to get straight hair when they have something so wonderful already.

Constantly straightening your hair with a flat iron can cause significant heat damage, and please do not get permanent hair straightening procedures done.

1. Love It

Your natural y curly hair is beautiful. Whether it is long, short, tight curls, or loose waves, you have many straight haired women wishing they had just a little of your kink! Long curly hair, especially when healthy can be extremely attractive.

Men often incorporate sexiness with hair and consider big hair to be very appealing. If a woman has wild yet control ed curls, that are ful of body, many men are drawn to that look, and associate hair with sex.

2. Take Care of It

The most important thing for curly hair is to condition it. Frizzy, uncontrol able natural curls can easily be tamed by using a conditioner designed specifical y for curly hair. Also, deep condition your curls once a week, with homemade accessible conditioners or intensive store or salon bought treatments.

Also, use a shine serum mixed with a leave-in conditioner for a great curl look. Stiff curls that don’t move aren’t as great as a curl that you can run your fingers through yet stays molded. You can also mix leave-in with your gel or mousse to prevent the unwanted sticky look. Dry your hair upside down, on low and always use a diffuser. It is better to let your curls dry natural y though.

3. Work It

Now that you’ve got the curls you’ve always wanted, flaunt them. Once your hair is completely dry, carry a smal shine spray and lightly mist the finished product. Whether you have short curls or long curls, if you love them, other people will love them and notice them. It is important to be confident in yourself.

Other people recognize and respond to this trait. So, if you love your curls and stop talking about how much you want to change them and instead embrace them, other people will love them too. You might even have a few of the straight haired girls wishing even more that they were blessed to have your curls, even if only for a day!

Hair Care Tips for Red Heads

Red hair can be some of the most beautiful and obviously unique colors you can get. Some of the most beautiful mythical characters had red hair; particularly folklore from Ireland, even reading about the hair color is vivid in one’s mind.

Whether you are a natural red head, or colored (don’t worry we won’t tel ) great hair care is essential for this particular color. You want your hair to be shiny and rather than a drab color, you want it to flicker like a flame or the shiny red apple that tempted Adam, maybe Eve was a redhead.

1. Choose the Right Color

If you are a natural red head than you probably have a paler skin tone. Make sure that you accentuate your skin, and makeup to appropriately reflect your hair color. Try different brands and products to see which works best for you. Red hair is dramatic, so instead use subtle dewy makeup colors that make your skin glow. Just For Redheads offers a variety of makeup colors designed for red heads.

2. Shampoo & Conditioner

Always use a shampoo that is formulated for red hair. ShiKai’s Henna Gold Redhead formula is a popular choice. This shampoo is designed to add red and auburn tones to your hair. Neutral and red henna extracts a cel ophane like coating that is tinted red onto each hair shaft. If you don’t like the final result, it comes out after a regular washing. You can also find conditioners that are specifical y for red hair. Try to find one that is moisturizing, but does not weigh the hair down, as red hair has a tendency to be frizzier than other colors.

3. Henna

Red hair color is the only true color that results form Henna. There are many henna products that are available. Always read the product description and make sure it includes natural and nourishing ingredients. Rich red hair can be one of the most strikingly beautiful colors. It is amazing, because it is not seen very often. One of the most complete ways to highlight your hair is to also wear the right colors that only accessorize your natural beauty. So if you find natural henna products that can bring out the inner shine, you wil certainly attract a good amount of positive attention. Maybe you’ll even tempt a few of those lookers.

Tips for Great Blonde Hair Care

The best tip for blonde hair care is to get the right color! Blonde is the trickiest of al hair colors.

There is obviously the unfair stigma that accompanies being a blonde, whether natural or bottled. Aside from the emotional flack that many blondes receive, is the physical. If you have the wrong blonde shade, it will do nothing for you.

1. Get The Yellow Out

The absolute worse problem for blondes is getting a bright blonde color and keeping the yellow out. No matter what, yellow is made for school buses, not your head! It has never been a natural color, and it does not look good. The best way to get blonde hair, with either all over color or highlights, is to find a great stylist. It is harder than you might think. For some reason one either know blonde hair or they don’t. Communicate with your stylist over exactly what it is you want.

Do not be timid. Bring in pictures of what you do want, and tel them no yellow! Many say toner will take it out, but sometimes using a toner can turn the hair more yellow. Using a purple shampoo, such as Aveda’s Blue Malva is a great choice.

2. Condition, Condition, Condition

When hair is being processed with bleach, it can be extremely damaging. John Frieda also offers a line, Sheer Blondes. It is inexpensive, mostly under 10 dol ars and works well. Redken’s Al Soft Line is very conditioning and you wil feel the results in silky smooth hair. You can also use homemade conditioners with recipes that include mayonnaise, eggs, olive oil, or avocados the options are endless. No matter what though use a conditioner every day. You can even use a leave-in for better results and deep condition at least once a week.

3. Know When It’s Not For You

Blonde is not for everyone. It is one color that you either are or are not. If you have natural y white-blonde hair: lucky you. You can choose between ash and dark blonde to the beautiful look of well -done platinum. Where the correct makeup for the blonde hair color and tone it down, the hair is often bold enough. If you have naturally black hair, more than likely blonde will not look good; instead find a great dark rich color.

5 Tips for Shiny Hair

Have you always wanted shiny, silky hair? It doesn’t matter if you are a blonde, brunette, or redhead. It also doesn’t matter if you are a woman, man, or teenager. You can have shiny hair, and you can have it cheap. There a just a few simple tips you need to get that soft shine hair, and it’s through impeccable hair care.

1. Protect

The best way to improve the shininess of your hair doesn’t mean to do less to it just means protect it. Think about al of the stress your hair goes through on a daily basis. You think your day is stressful! Hair gets brushed, pul ed back, heated, tugged at even ripped out. So try only using heating products including a flat iron or curing iron every other day.

2. Wash

Shampoo your hair. Some people say not to wash everyday, others say it is fine, do what you feel comfortable with, but keep it clean. Rinses with cold water prevent your hair from receiving the damage from very hot water.

3. Condition

Whether it is a homemade conditioner, or an expensive salon product, condition your hair.

Condition daily and at least once a week. Olive oil heated up with your favorite essential oil is a great and quick option. The Olive Oil moisturizes and the essential oil provides a great scent.

4. Try Less Coloring

Place your salon visits farther apart. It might seem drastic when we love our hair freshly highlighted, but it could be better for your hair to spread them out. If you love your regular salon visits, in between highlight or color appointments, book a deep conditioning treatment. Also use a color enhancing shampoo and conditioners to stretch out the last those highlights have to offer.

5. Shiny You

Look for shampoo, conditioner and products that contain tea tree or other essential oils. 100 percent Jojoba oil and olive oil are also great choices that can be worked into your other beauty routines. You can also use shine spray and serum. Make sure you do not put these products on your root, as they can make your hair look oily. Give yourself or ask your spouse or partner to do a scalp massage, it will stimulate natural oils, and is also very relaxing. It is also believed that massaging your scalp can stimulate hair growth!

5 Steps For Summer Hair Care

Hair should be altered through the summer in the way you care for it. Hair care is extremely crucial during the summer months. The weather changes, hair can become extremely dry and sources such as chlorinated pool water can cause extremely harmful results to your hair. Here are 5 steps to hair care during the summer.

1. Shield

If going into ocean water often or pool water, you need to shield your hair from the damaging effects of chlorine. You should always lightly wet your hair before you go into water, you can even light wet it with salt water or put a conditioner in your hair before swimming. Tomato juice will remove green from chlorinated hair. Aubrey Organics Swimmers shampoo and Ultra Swimmers Ultra Repair Conditioner are also formulated to remove green.

2. Lighten Up

If you have blonde hair, one of the things you look forward to is the summer, to natural y lighten your hair. Simply place olive oil and lemon into your hair and sit outside. Do this on a regular basis and you wil notice your hair is shinier and more manageable. Many people don’t like the idea of applying lemon juice to hair as it can be drying. You can use the lemon juice though and combine it with sunscreen for your hair. Then you can give yourself a weekly deep conditioning treatment, to restore the moisture back into your hair. You might need to deep condition twice a week to ensure enough moisture is going into your hair.

3. Block the Sun

Yes, use s sun block on your hair. It is a great way to prevent damage, as well as prevent your scalp from burning. Many product lines offer a sunscreen to protect your hair.

4. Water

Drink water, it is a great way to ensure you are hydrated and a great way to make your hair and skin glow.

5. Treatments

Use a homemade rinse. When using vinegar, combine it with herbs such as lavender, chamomile, lemon balm, lemon verbena, or rose water to eliminate or tone down the vinegar smell . Combine one-cup water and one cup of Apple Cider Vinegar, and 1 handful of mint leaves. Bring all of the ingredients to just a boil, strain and put into a jar. Then simply lather onto your scalp, and throughout your hair and leave it in.

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