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Top Hair Care Products From L’Occitane

by shedboy71

Have you ever heard of L’Occitane? This is a brand of skin care that is amazing. Even the most sensitive of skin can enjoy the benefits of this brand. L’Occitane en Provence is an authentically French company.

The products are still made in Manosque, France and available online and throughout the U.S.

They also promote a sustainable development program in Burkina Faso surrounding the production of shea butter. They offer Braile packaging, and opened an organic Immortele (the signature anti-aging flower plant in Corsica.

Their products and stores are fantastic. They are known for their use of outstanding olive oil and natural ingredient. Their great quality is reflected in many of their hair care products.

1. Citrus Verbena Daily Use Shampoo

This shampoo is under 20 dol ars and it smel s delicious. The cleansing body soap smel s just as good. The shampoo is very gentle and is designed to not irritate the scalp. It is suitable for al hair types and leaves your hair smel ing wonderful with a fresh citrus scent.

2. Olive Daily Conditioner

The Olive Oil Daily Conditioner is a very light conditioner. It restores hair to make it shine through outstanding AOC Olive Oil. This is control ed-origin label, that specifies and guarantees that land from which it comes and the expertise of the producer.

3. Olive Paste for Hair

The luxury of this deep conditioner makes your hair feel like it is being wrapped up in a warm security blanket. You can slather on the conditioner, tie back your hair, and heat it for a few minutes with a hair dryer. It contains shea butter, rich olive oil water and a hint of citrus. Putting this on your hair once a week, makes you feel like you are making up for al of the damage you have put your hair through. It is the perfect product for your hair care regimen.

4. Shea Butter Ultra Rich Hair Mask

This mask is heavier than the paste. It is a thick pomade style mask that seems to seal the nourishment back into the hair. You can also use it to tame fly aways on dry hair.

5. Aromachologie Hair Serum

This leave-in hair serum repairs splint ends and leaves an overal shine. It is non-greasy and meant to be applied to the tips of the hair. It also protects from the damaging effects of the environment.

More Great L’Occitane Hair Care Products

L’Occitane hair care is fantastic, and offers a wide array of options for al hair types and budgets. The entire L’occitane line could be your one-stop shop for great hair care. There are products for every day use, as wel as weekly treatments. There are also products for baby and men. Most of the hair care products are reasonably priced and vary between 20 and 30 dol ars depending on product. The shampoos and conditioners are usual y under 20 dol ars. Something we could al use right now is certainly a line of hair care products that is committed to not only providing better working conditions for people, but improving the environment, including the best quality of products, and keep it in a less expensive price range for the consumer. Some other product lines could take some hair care advice from L’occitane.

Body and Hair Sublime Oil

This nourishing body and hair oil is intended for summer, or when you will most utilize the sun.

You can use it in multiple ways. You can lather your entire body and your hair before you go outdoors to protect against sun damage, salt, and chlorine. After sun exposure it can be used to enhance your tan and preserve a youthful glow. The consumer test results are also impressive: 23

it enhances the skin with a soft amber tint by 100 percent; the skin’s elasticity is preserved and provided with nourishment and long lasting nourishment; and it leaves a protective veil on the hair 97 percent.

Aromachologie Leave-In Hair Mist

This mist instantly shines and provides a leave-in moisturizer. It contains a vegetable complex of angelica, lavender, and tea tree pure essential oils. It also has sunscreens to provide UV

protection and provides a manageable tangle-free result. The advice is to even place onto hair to eliminate odors such as cigarette smoke.

Aromachologie Anti-Dandruff

This shampoo is a great option for eliminating dandruff. The ingredients combined are cade, tea tree, lemon, pepper and thyme. It is extremely soothing to very sensitive scalps. You should alternate this shampoo with a regular use shampoo. It removes 80 percent of dandruff and purifies, soothes (96 percent) and balances the scalp (92 percent).

Feel free to visit their website or one of their retail locations throughout the U.S. You certainly won’t regret it for your hair care needs.

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